When you are busy going about your activities in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kue Kering Jakarta delicacies offers you a wide range of healthy fast foods that will keep you refreshed the whole day. We offer diets such as pastries, cupcakes and snacks among other foods. 

All our foods are prepared by highly trained and experienced chefs. In the many years that we have been running food business, our list of foods has been increasing steadily. Regardless whether you are a visitor or a local in Jakarta, we have something suitable for everyone. Our dedication for offering the finest of Indonesia‚Äôs diets is unmatched. 

We offer take-away products for people who want snacks for eating o their way home. However, we also have well ventilated and spacious eating places in our stores where you can sit and take the meal on the spot. The combination of the relaxing music in the background, cool fresh air and breath-taking aroma in the stores will engrave lifetime memories that will keep you remembering us. 

The first site to our stores often drives away some people. The unique decorations and classy appearance simulate the ambience offered by the costly fast foods' outlets. However, we break this trend by offering first-class service at incredibly low prices. Every time you want to enjoy celebrity diets at pocket friendly prices; we should automatically be your first choice. 

Majority of our clients are referral or repeat clients. Above 90% of people who have stopped by our business in the past do return in the future. We are capable to keep our prices low by utilizing affordable marketing budgets such as word of mouth and online connection. Our belief is that clients will always choose us over the hyped and costly rivals since we are able to give them better value for the money with first our class products. 

As Jakarta streams with people all year round ranging from locals and foreigners, there is a high demand for tasty fast foods. We are committed to filling this gap of providing finger-licking foods to the vast customer base. This is the reason why we have opened a chain of stores in different strategic places to make it easy for clients to access stores conveniently. 

The quality of our service speaks volumes for us. Any time you visit Indonesia, your tour is not complete until you try our delicacies. Kue Kering is synonymous with baked, fried and seasoned products with abundant nutrients. As the diets' people are taking continue becoming a great concern, we take caution on the foods we prepare to ensure they are healthy and pose no health risk to you.